116 E 32nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55408



Help Build Alhikma Islamic Center in Minneapolis MN

Five years contract for a deed purchase price of $2.8m. Paid $1 million. The contract will end in November 2024.

The Muslims in Minneapolis Have Purchased a big church Facility which is 20,000 Square feet for $2.8m

The Facility is fully functioning and already converted to:

  • A Masjid
  • Quran School for more than 350 students
  • Youth and Family activities and Islamic studies classes
  • Da’wah programs for Non-Muslim Neighbors
  • Rehab drug addiction consultation for young Muslims

We urgently need $1.8M  to keep this Facility for Masjid and Islamic Center otherwise non-believers will take it back since we did not make enough payments in the last three years due Covid19.

Please donate for the Sake of Allah.

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You will make a difference

Your contribution will help us continue our mission of producing more young Muslims in our Society. With your help to donate as much as you can, we will be able to work harder to provide education and teaching. Please make a difference.

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