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Ustaadh Abdulrasaq Shekaden

Ustaadh Abdulrasaq Shekaden is a hafidh of the Quran and has learned under many famous Scholars of the Quran. Scholars such as: Sh. Abdirashid Sh. Ali Sufi, Dr. Waleed Al-Maneesi, and Sh. Hassan ibn Ahmed Al-warraqi. He pursued Qur’anic and Islamic studies under prominent ‘Ulamaa’ and is a certified (مجيز) Qur’anic and Islamic Studies teacher. He has a certificate (إجازة) in (reading & teaching) the Holy Qur’an narrated by Hafs & Shu’bah from ‘Aasim with isnaad to the prophet Muhammad ﷺ. He received his Ijazah from his beloved Sheikh and Muqri’: Abu Ahmad Hassan ibn Mustafa ibn Ahmad Al-Warraqi and his isnaad (chain) is considered to be one of the shortest isnaad to the Prophet ﷺ, only 30 people between him and the Prophet ﷺ. He has 9 years of teaching experience and has taught more than 100 students over the time. He is fluent in Arabic, English & Somali and is currently pursuing secular knowledge at the University of Minnesota – a degree in Computer Science. He loves working with the youth and hosts profes